About This Project

Doctor Zamenhof //
Filmmaker: Juanjo Sagi
Motion: Sapone
Soud: Noizes
Animation: Alejandro Ocaña, Iria Cabrera

Cellular mummification whose dead tissues remain preserving its shape, is produced by the action of a noxious agent generating an irreparable injury.

We question ourselves what kinds of germs have been able to generate such a severe injury in sensitivity of individuals and we consider that the impact of the systematic dissemination and large-scale unsubstantial morbid and frivolous information, along with the own untying of our time, could be the causes from neutralization of the ability to react human being.

In this project, we use the inside of the garment as a canvas to highlight the subject’s adaptation to that layer of cells affected.

Jacket composed by a thick layer of neoprene, synthetic leather applique and pattern of thermal lining.

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